5 Vegetarian options in Vietnam +1 bonus

Being vegetarian did not stop us from trying out the local flavours in my recent trip to Vietnam earlier this May. I think if you research enough, you’ll always find good veggie options anywhere in the world.

Here are some of the veg. friendly places I tried in Hanoi.

1.Banh Mi 25

Hanoi (70)

Banh Mi 25, Hanoi

Had amazing baguette sandwiches here. Baguette sandwiches seem to be the legacy of the French rule here and the Vietnamese seem to have localized it. Yet they have done this successfully with the bread kept fresh and soft with great flavours in the fillings.

Hanoi (68)

Baguette Sandwiches at Banh Mi 25, Hanoi

2.Aubergine Cafe

Hanoi (41)

Aubergine Cafe, Hanoi

I had wanted to try Pho since I landed in Vietnam and this cafe seemed to be a good place to try. Pho is the traditional noodle soup and this place did not disappoint, especially after adding the vinegar and soy on top.

Hanoi (40)

Pho, traditional noodle soup, Hanoi

3.Banh Cuon Ba Hanh

Hanoi (13)

Love the setup at Banh Cuon Ba Hanh, Hanoi

A great place to try some of the local street food in Hanoi. We tried the rice rolls here with some accompaniments. And it was delectable! The setup of the place is very local and you can even watch the cook prepare the meal right in front of you which adds to the whole experience. So glad to have discovered this eatery!

Hanoi (16)

Rice rolls, Hanoi street food


While this place did not serve local food, it was still a good place for dinner. We went for the burgers here.

5. The spring rolls

Ha Long Bay (151)

Fresh Vietnamese fresh spring rolls

While in Vietnam you can experiment with all kinds of spring rolls. From fresh to fried, rice to something else. We enjoyed them at different places during our holiday.

Ha Long Bay (153)

Fried Vietnamese spring rolls

6. Vietnamese Coffee (the bonus) 🙂

The first sip I took of the vietnamese brew, I went “wow”. It has this strong distinct coffee taste which I loved. Not only the hot latte with condensed milk but also the iced latte.

Hanoi (69)

Vietnamese Coffee

Get going hebivores, nothing stops you from eating like a local!



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